2017 Special Mood Calendar
12 Months Postcard Collection & Poster Design Calendar
The main concept of the final project is seeing differently. The concept requires conceptual ideas and thoughts. There are various styles of calendars in this world. Each artist or photographer has their own style and they express their style in their works. Likewise, I want to make my own design calendars by using diverse photos. There are symbolic things or themes that come to mind when we think about the 12 months (December ­– Christmas / July – Sea). However I did not want to follow common themes. I think the calendar could be my second autobiography, which means it will be a new calendar from my own perspective. Also, to help people understand, I wrote one specific word on each month.

01 January_Refresh
02 February_First Step for The Dream
03 March_Sunrise
04 April_Silent Night
05 May_Love with the Scent
06 June_Me in the Frozen Time
07 July_Bon Voyage
08 August_Sense of Responsibility
09 September_Perseverance
10 October_Good Vibe 
11 November_Time to look back on Me
12 December_Remember the Memories
Thank you:)
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