Collaboration between high school spoken word poets and graphic design college students.
"Her" by Nevaeh Gibson 


There’s this girl
Who’s very beautiful
And tall and and nice
If you seen her
You’d think so too

She has beautiful eyes
And a baby face
But you can tell she’s just about grown
By the way she walks talks and acts

She has curls
Curly curls
Black and bouncy curls
That stop at the top of her back

Her skin is soft and delicate
Like a baby’s bottom
Her eyebrows are perfect
Like they’re naturally arched

She has a round face
With cute fat cheeks
And likes to wear studs
And hoops ,too

She likes the color blonde
And side parts too
And don’t forget black tips
You can tell by her hair

She’s very skinny
Alittle like my mom
Her eyes are big and brown
Kinda like and owl’s

She walks like a model
She talks like a model
If im not mistaking
She is a model

Her voice is scratchy
Alittle like mines
Just aliittle squicker
And annoying , too

I love her to pieces
Even though she annoys me
And hits me when I make her mad
But I still love her like a sister should

Could you guess who I described
I bet not
Its an easy choice
If u ever met her

I love you
From 1 sister to another
Even though we had hard times
You will always be in my heart

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