Lyrics Web Page Design
 HTML / CSS Format Project 
Web design URL: file:///Users/admin/Desktop/Sophomore%20year/2017Spring/GD%202/P1/final%203/LaylaChoi_P1_Final02.html

 Lyrics : Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet (K-pop music)
This project is called "Lyrics Mapping Web Design". I picked a song that has interesting lyrics. I designed it, repeating words or elements, and making rhythmic pattern or sequence with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Also, I designed symbols, various icon images and creative typography (such as the first layout) to represent my interpretation of the song lyrics. I translated sketches into a modular composition that utilizes scale, form, and counter form to visually communicate my interpretation of the lyrics. Some layouts include GIF files (animation), and lastly, I combined modular structure, symbol, image and text into a coded (HTML/CSS) map for my interpretation of the song lyrics.
Gif & Detail of Layout
Thank you! :)
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